About AmTRAN

Core Value

Core Values

R&D+ Innovation+ Cost Competiveness + Quality
From 1996, AmTRAN has been growing at a speed of over 250% every year. It has been one of the fastest growing companies amongst the Taiwan’s top 1000 companies. Over the years, AmTRAN has won numerous awards. From the best products and the best picks acclaimed by the major computer magazines to the highest honors recognized by the world’s major design awards, AmTRAN’s R&D and innovative capabilities are widely recognized in the industry. AmTRAN strives to offer the most advanced and competitive products at the lowest prices without compromising the quality and brand reputation.

Full support to our partners

Taiwan is ranked side-by-side with Japan and Korea as one of the three largest TFT products export countries in the world, and AmTRAN Technology has been one of the leaders in the world’s LCD display manufacture industry. We take pride in the quality of our products and are confident in our industrial leadership. It is AmTRAN’s belief to give our partners the best support, and that is why all our suppliers are the leaders in the high-tech industry.